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Car multimedia system

Radio navigation Vw Volkswagen Passat b7 cc 2010-2015 CarPlay Android Auto

Radio navigation Vw Volkswagen Passat b7 cc 2010-2015 CarPlay Android Auto

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Radio Navigation Android for your Volkswagen Passat B7 CC, which will provide you with the latest solutions in the field of technology and entertainment while traveling.

This is a device that combines innovation, image and sound quality and many additional functions.

High Performance and Image Quality This radio runs on Android 12 and comes with a 2K HD QLED screen. You can choose 13.1 inch, 11.5 inch or 10.33 inch screen size, which ensures full G+G screen fit, guaranteeing clear and dynamic image.

Powerful Processor and Large Memory Powered by an octa-core 1.6 GHz processor, the radio offers smooth operation and quick response to your commands. 

  • DDR3 RAM (2GB/4GB/6GB optional) Multiple memory choices for smooth navigation and application experience.

  • Built-in ROM (32GB/64GB/128GB optional): Provides plenty of space for your favorite apps and music.

Constant Internet Connection Thanks to the 4G network, you will always stay online, allowing you to access the latest information and online content while traveling. Additionally, steering wheel controls and RDS technology make using the radio simple and convenient.

Complete new set, ready for plug & play installation without interfering with the factory installation.

Perfect Navigation Built-in navigation with offline maps will allow you to easily find the right route in any conditions. The DSP chip improves sound quality, providing even better sound quality when listening to your favorite music.

Personalization and Convenience The personalized user interface (UI) allows you to easily switch between day and night mode. Internet radio allows you to access many radio channels from 20 different countries. Advanced voice control increases driving safety by allowing you to control the radio with your voice.

Monitoring and Updates GPS tracking allows you to view your driving route, parking location and remote video recording (requires purchase of a dash cam). OTA (Over-The-Air) support allows you to update the software online, which means your radio will always have the latest features.

Additional Accessories Optional accessories are available such as AHD Rear Camera, ADAS & GPS Tracer DVR, Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS), OBD2, External Microphone and DAB+. These additions allow you to further customize your radio to your needs and preferences.

This is a Radio that will not only perfectly meet your expectations, but will also satisfy your entertainment and communication needs. Its advanced functions and exceptional quality will make your trips even more pleasant and comfortable.

Version: X7 MAX X7 PRO X7
Size 13.1" 11.5" 10.33"
Screen QLED 2000X1200P QLED 1920X1200P QLED 720x1600P
CPU and number of cores Octa-core A55 8x 1.6GHz Octa-core A55 8x 1.6GHz Octa-core A55 8x 1.6GHz



Radio Chip

2GB+32GB (4755)

4GB+64GB (4755)

6GB+128GB (7708)

CarPlay / Android Auto Yes Yes Yes
GPS Track Support Support Support
Additionally online radio Support Support Support
Al Voice Support Support Support
DSP digital sound processor Yes 30EQ Yes 30EQ Yes 30EQ



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